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While From Software’s Souls series is developed with the single-player experience in mind, it’s clear that the interconnectivity offered through the online multiplayer enhances the experience immensely. Touching bloodstains of past players in order to relive their deaths, reading their words and messages left behind, or entering another player’s world to help (or hinder) them, the Souls multiplayer aspect complimented both the gameplay and atmosphere of the games. For that reason exactly, the multiplayer component solidified itself as a mainstay element despite initially being an afterthought. Many fans were saddened by Demon’s Souls server shutdown on February 28 this year. But with such a passionate community, the online play for Demon’s Souls has been resurrected through private servers.

The main goal appears to be a github containing the source code that anyone in the community can contribute to, modify, and create forks of. Reddit user deepc0d3 appears to be at the project’s helm, with others assisting from the Demon’s Souls subreddit. While still in the early days, Discord user ymgve#0408 has set up a temporary online server, while Yuvi#6616 has set up a permanent online server. Connecting to these private servers is simply a matter of changing your PS3’s primary DNS before you start playing Demon’s Souls. Once you start the game you’ll be greeted with the custom server response, and after that you’ll be good to play online just like before.

It appears that a detailed breakdown of what areas are most popular is possible in the custom server message, as well as potentially a live tracker able to show where players are in the server according to this reddit announcement. For those that wish to mend the world once more, the current list of private servers can be found below.

  • ymgve’s temporary server (live as of March 5th 0145 EST):
  • Yuvi’s private server (issues connecting as of March 5th 0145 EST):

Image Source: From Software

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