Papers, Please Short Film Released

Too Far Gone | Papers, Please Arstotzka

Glory to Arstotzka, comrade. A short film based on the 2013 indie hit Papers, Please is the newest addition to the growing list of movie adaptations of video games. Originally announced in May 2017 with all the trappings of a soviet era message to the west, the Papers, Please teaser was uploaded to what appears to be a Russian YouTube channel. There are two version of both the film’s teaser and trailer—a version with English text, and one with Russian Cyrillic, which really plays upon the setting of the game.

In Papers, Please, you play as a border control officer for the fictional communist bloc country of Arstotzka. You find out quickly that a life behind the Iron Curtain is spent constantly on edge, as you try and earn enough money to scrape by and support your family while also making sure that your country is safe. The film looks to translate the interesting encounters with spies, smugglers, and the everyday soviet citizens into a short but compelling story, about the struggles of a man who is not paid enough for the trouble that befalls him. The Papers, Please film will be released on YouTube on the 24th of February, 2018, with a later, as-yet-unannounced release date for Steam.


Image Source: 3909 LLC

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