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Devil May Cry HD Collection Incoming

Too Far Gone | (Anime) Dante, Devil May Cry

Assuming the mantle from its last-gen predecessor, the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection will soon be up for grabs once again. Announced late last year the remastered collection is being teased once again, this time with a trailer.

Short but sweet, the trailer shows off gameplay footage cut from its three consisting titles: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. The remaster is also being billed with a steady 60FPS, giving hardcore hack and slash enthusiasts something to salivate over.

Fans and new initiates alike will be able to purchase the collection for Xbox One, PS4, and on Steam roughly four weeks from now on March 13 for $29.99 USD. Also revealed in the recently uploaded trailer: Devil May Cry will be made available to users through Twitch Prime for free as of February 27. While no end of promotion date was specified in newly published video, it should be safe to assume that subscribers will have roughly a month to snag the loot. Claiming the game can be done through the Twitch website once the promotion goes live, but playing the game will likely require the Twitch Desktop client (as was the case with the Superhot giveaway).

As we all eagerly await an actual fifth franchise instalment, feel free to ease the pain by watching the trailer embedded below.


Image Source: Capcom

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