Ultra Prism Pokémon TCG Expansion Release

Pokémon TCG: Ultra Prism

On February 2 Nintendo officially released Pokémon’s 71st expansion, Ultra Prism, in the TCG’s English format. This expansion marks the 5th addition to the TCG under the Sun & Moon banner, and first since The Pokémon Company’s latest releases, Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Ultra Prism introduced Ultra Beast Pokémon to the game, as well as the new Prism Star cards.

Prism Star cards are more powerful versions of Basic Pokémon, Supporter, or Energy cards. Like, Ace Trainer cards, these cards are restricted to only one playable per deck, and once the card has been played it gets sent to the Lost Zone (think Exile from Magic: The Gathering) instead of the discard pile, ensuring that a player can only play one of each Prism Star card they wish to use per game.

Ultra Prism adds a tally of 173 over 156 cards to the game, made up of 10 new Pokémon GX cards, 6 Prism Star cards, and 17 Secret Rares (the coveted Secret Rare cards are the cards tallied after the 156 other cards found more commonly in booster packs).

You can buy the new cards at your local hobby shop, and if you’re interested in seeing my pulls from the booster box that I bought during the pre-release, you view pictures of all of my pulls (excluding energy cards) here. Alternatively, if the video games are more your speed you can read up on the upcoming calendar of various legendary Pokémon that will be up for grabs over the coming months.

Image Source: Bulbapedia

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