Toreba Claw Game Lets You Play From Home!

Too Far Gone | Toreba Claw Game

You’ve probably passed by them hundreds of times, you’ve seen young children beg and plead with their parents over them. Both absurdly exciting and impossibly frustrating, the call of the crane game beckons us all with the alluring suggestion of easy loot. Such wild fantasies had previously been limited to the physical realm, relegated to dark corners of the arcade and by the checkout at select Walmarts. But now, users will be able to play the claws in Japan from the comfort of their own home.

The way it works is simple. You log onto like you would any other website, select a machine, and see if you’re a bad enough dude to snatch up your would-be prize. The considerably large catalog of machines you can choose from is filled with selections of handbags, plushies, figures, and all sorts of cute and innocuous knick-knacks. The most tantalizing part is that Toreba says they will cover the shipping costs, making the cross-world claw game all the more seductive.

New players will get five free cracks on a machine of their choosing, but afterwards it’ll cost ya. It looks like you can play either on their website, or via the App Store (Android users look here). Good luck out there, Goners!

Image Source(s): CyberStep via TFG Contributors


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