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deadmau5 Previews Orchestral Remixes

Electronic music legend Joel Zimmerman (better known as deadmau5) recently offered up over a dozen orchestral mixes of previously released tracks. Known for his iconic moniker and trademark headgear, the Canadian superstar previewed the symphonic remixes in a livestream on Twitch.

“Nobody calls me, nobody cares,” Zimmerman chides as he fires up a teaser for the “Strobe” re-work, “I’m not Skrillex.” Since unveiling that snippet, the mau5 has shown off a number of other remixes. Admittedly, what we’ve heard so far seems to gravitate toward his more recent stuff, but if nothing else this selection should serve as a confident reminder that one of the greats has been hard at work. One might even suggest that this is deadmau5 signaling he’s ready to step away from the festival life for good, and into the world of film scoring. Lofty goals, but nothing out of reach for the man behind such smash hits as “Faxing Berlin,” “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” and “The Veldt.”

Not one to be caught sleeping, you can catch deadmau5 on Twitch here, where he was recently playing PUBG with ex-CS:GO fragger C9 Shroud. If you’re just in it for the tunes, we’ve embedded the sampler for you below. Happy listening!

Image Source: 4chan

deadmau5 Previews Orchestral Remixes

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