Pokémon Legendary: What Will Be The Biggest Legendary Pokémon Distribution of 2018

Legendary Pokemon

New legendary Pokémon distribution

On January 18, The Pokémon Company announced to their subscribers via email that 2018 is going to be Legendary. Unveiling a new domain linked to the Pokémon website that was registered last November, it appears the new site was created to act as a database and social hub for everything about legendary Pokémon. At the time of writing, the website doesn’t serve as a knowledge base on legendary Pokémon compared to the likes or Serebii or Bulbapedia, but it does have fun facts and interactive experiences surrounding their lore and community of fans. The website is broken down into four sections that are sure to draw core fans back to the site: Social Hub, Legendary Pokémon, Activities and Pokémon Distribution.

The Social Hub is a showcase of top tier, fan-made images that have been selected by Nintendo and accompanied by the hashtag #BeLegendary. If you’re in the mood to make up some legendary themed art and caption it appropriately, Nintendo might show it off there.

The Legendary Pokémon tab is a Pokédex style database that focuses on the one-of-a-kind rares that trainers love to battle with and collect. Each Pokémon in this section has a small description with some lore, a gif of the Pokémon in action, and a list of notable appearances from the show and movies a select few showcasing official swag purchasable from The Pokémon Center.

The Activities section reads that there will be a fun collection of cool things being added on a regular basis, but right now has only a twelve question quiz to test your knowledge on select legendary monsters. If you complete the quiz you can share your score with your friends.

Getting down to the real meat of the site, the Pokémon Distribution section is sure to be any collector’s favourite as it lists monthly event distributions that are set to occur from February through November. Although these will most likely not be the only events to occur throughout the year (as Nintendo often hosts spontaneous Pokémon events at local retailers via Mystery Gift, through online battling competitions, and through exclusive), it’s a nice follow up to the 2016 Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary Celebration during which a free mythical Pokémon was awarded to trainers every month (North American players normally find themselves starved for these types of organized giveaways). You’ll be able to collect the pocket monsters in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. As of right now, the only month outlined with distribution instructions is February, so bookmark the site and check in once a month to make sure you catch ’em all.

Codes to claim either Dialga or Palkia (depending on your copy of the game) will be available at your local Gamestop or EB Games from February 2 until February 28.


  • March: Heatran or Regigigas
  • April: Raikou or Entei
  • May: Xerneas or Yveltal
  • June: Shiny Zygarde
  • July: Tornadus or Thundurus
  • August: Groudon or Kyogre
  • September: Latios or Latias
  • October: Reshiram or Zekrom
  • November: Ho-Oh or Lugia

Image Source: The Pokémon Company


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