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Arcade Edition Upgrade for Street Fighter V

Too Far Gone | Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

You probably have already caught wind that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition was released earlier this week on January 16. What you might not know is that all owners of the original (Street Fighter V) are getting treated to a software patch that will upgrade their copies to the Arcade Edition at no cost. In addition to providing a huge UI redesign, all playable characters have also received new V-Trigger moves and individual balancing updates. The Arcade Edition update will also add the following:

  • Improved training mode now includes advanced frame data and the ability to view frame advantage via a colour coding system: blue indicates frame advantage while red denotes a frame disadvantage
  • Players will now be able to change their Fighter ID and Home Flag for either 200,000 in Fight Money or $10 USD
  • New playable modes and an actual, honest to god arcade mode

Those looking to step into the world of Street Fighter need look no further than this repackage, which comes with a download code for all previous DLC characters. If you already own Street Fighter V and you’e bummed about the DLC situation, well, it’s not all bad — just sit back and enjoy all the quality of life changes! Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a fresh faced rookie, aspiring champions can try out Sakura (from the third season DLC kit) for free until January 23.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition can be purchased for $40 USD. In depth patch notes can be analyzed here, and visual learners can catch some official trailer footage below.

Image Source: Capcom

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