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Metal Gear Survive Beta Kicking Off

Too Far Gone | Metal Gear Survive

Remember Snake, this is a zombie game! Franchise devotees and the morbidly curious will be able to kick off tomorrow with Metal Gear Survive and its open beta multiplayer. While Hideo Kojima has parted ways with Snake and the MGS property Konami has not. From January 18 to 22 the zombie survival shooter will be available try out on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

From the looks of things, and noticeably off-brand for the franchise I might add, Survive seems to have an unambiguous premise: gather resources, craft gear, defend the spot, complete the objectives, kill the zombies. Built on the gorgeous Fox Engine that ran Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, players will be able to engage in some pretty wacky co-op action. In a video released by Konami last week (embedded below), we glimpse a varied arsenal of makeshift weaponry (à-la-Dead Rising) including the previous title’s fulton balloons.

Those willing to roll the dice and download the beta will be treated to some in-game goodies later on when the game actually launches on February 20 (Steam lists its digital PC release as February 21). A wearable headband, a Fox Hound nameplate, and a Metal Gear Rex replacement head are all up for grabs. Peep the swag below, along with the most recent gameplay trailer.


Image Sources: Konami Digital Entertainment

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