Documentary on Cosplay Super Star Jessica Nigri Announced

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Blood, sweat, tears, paint, fabric, and wigs: the back bones of the burgeoning cosplay industry.

Once a hobby for those that wanted to recreate their favourite characters in the real world, cosplay has reached new levels with some being able to professionalize the craft and make a living. Some of these cosplayers have even reached superstar status, their skill not only being recognized by their adoring fans but also by the people who create the characters they cosplay. And one cannot talk about superstar cosplayers without remarking the most recognizable name in the scene, Jessica Nigri.

Becoming Jessica Nigri, produced by Rooster Teeth’s documentary team RT Docs, focuses on Nigri as she prepares her Alexstraza costume for BlizzCon 2017. The documentary hopes to peel back the layers on her stunning works, allowing her fans to see the tremendous effort she puts into her craft. The documentary also explores Nigri’s rise to fame, diving into what’s it’s like being one of the world’s most famous cosplayers. The trailer for the upcoming documentary can be viewed hereBecoming Jessica Nigri will be streamed on the Rooster Teeth website for RT First members on January 26, 2018.

Image Sources: Jessica Nigri /JwaiDesign

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