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PUBG 1.0 Goes Live

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As of this morning PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has officially launched with its 1.0 build on both Xbox One and PC. Brendan Greene and friends have met their graduation deadline of Q4 2017 and made good on their well-massaged release deadline. While not a through and through good-kid-done-good story, there is much to smile about when it comes this leg of PUBG’s popular rampage. The 1.0 release also moves a number of much desired mechanics and features onto the primary client. Below are some of the more notable update points:

  • Players are now able to vault  and climb over a variety of obstacles (60 centimeters or less), increasing mobility and cutting down on the game’s jagged geometry.
  • A second map, Miramar, is now available. The sprawling desertscape will accompany the well worn Erangel in official matchmaking.
  • Deathcams have been added as a toggle-on option. Enabled via Settings, prospective players can see exactly how they were felled on the field of battle.
  • Replay functionality has been implemented, allowing for up to 20 vids. Replays can record a one kilometer radius around the player.

In addition to some other general smoothing and polishing, the PUBG team has also begun the official retooling of their microtransaction system. Pioneer crates for example, previously available in the game’s early stage Alpha build, later discontinued in favour of the Survivor and Wanderer series, have been made available for trade and resale. At the time of writing, one Pinoeer crate will fetch a cool $14 USD – nice value for anyone prudent enough to hold onto what were hitherto regarded as nigh worthless. Remaining Gamescom keys have magically transformed into β€œThe First Key,” presumably opening all forthcoming boxes and the remaining crates still leftover from the invitational earlier this year. Purchasing keys via PUBG has also been temporarily disabled, and is set to return in a week’s time alongside the launch of a new cosmetic crate.

You can read over the game’s official patch notes here, and check it’s 4k trailer embedded below.

Editor’s Note: This article mistakenly stated that Survivor and Wanderer crates required keys to open after the 1.0 update. Too Far Gone regrets the error.

Image Source: Bluehole

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