Catherine To Get The FES/Golden Treatment in 2018

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Teased a year ago in a 2016 Atlus live stream announcing new internal dev team Studio Zero, and new fantasy RPG titled Project Re Fantasy, was a short clip of a Catherine character referring to the series. With a reputable tweeter mentioning that Atlus will remaster a popular PS3 non-numbered title, we are teased once again by Catherine.

Cat out of the bag Atlus has since announced that Studio Zero will be re-releasing Catherine for PS4 and PS Vita with added content titled Catherine: Full Body, similar to Persona 3 and Persona 4 with their FES & Golden counterparts respectively. Catherine is a tricky game to sum up succinctly: it is a block-puzzle title in which Vincent Brooks grapples with romantic relationships and intimacy, those thoughts and events manifesting as nightmares and have him clambering over giant block towers that slowly crumble.

The team working on the upcoming remaster will also include staff that previously worked on the game. A new girl will also be added to the game, along with new problems for our bachelor to deal with. The new girl’s name is Rin, a pink-haired pianist working at the bar hangout (pictured below). More details with be available in an upcoming niconico Atlus live stream scheduled for December 22, as well as in the first issue of Famitsu releasing in the new year.

Visit the official site for Catherine: Full Body here.

Image Sources: Atlus/Famitsu

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