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Well, it wouldn’t be a preview for the Pop Team Epic anime if it wasn’t completely off-the-rails weird. The adaptation of the surrealist comedy 4koma manga released two preview videos for its upcoming anime production, and it may surprise some of you that neither involved animation at all. The first is an interview with a Russian-speaking anime fan subtitled in Japanese, in which mascot-styled, costumed versions of the series’ two protagonists, Pipimi and Popuko, lean menacingly out of a van parked next to the ongoing interview. They later abduct the Russian-speaker by corralling him into the van they arrived in. The second preview is a fifteen-second video of foreigners (non-Japanese people) exclaiming in excitement after learning that the Pop Team Epic anime will premiere on 6 January 2018.


Along with the two preview videos came two images, which show off the covers of the first volume of the home video release of the Blu-ray/DVD. The two images are variants of one another, the first showing a “normal” anime-girl version of Pipimi, while the second portrays her in the art style of the Pop Team Epic manga. These two versions are thought to be in reference to a gag in the manga where a panel of Popuko is edited for the Blu-ray release of the sketch. This is a common practice in the anime industry; Blu-ray releases will have either a different versions of a scene or one that is cleaned up, due to animators having more time to edit their work than they do during the show’s production.

With the show’s premiere drawing ever closer, hopefully we will see an animated preview soon.


Image Sources:  Bkub

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