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Finally, after many years of patiently waiting, we get a first look at the trailer for the Hollywood adaptation of Battle Angel Alita. For years the production of Alita has been in limbo, as rights-holder and the movie’s producer, James Cameron, has waited for CGI technology to rise to a suitable level to produce the film. With Battle Angel Alita being Cameron’s favourite manga, there are high hopes pinned on its Hollywood adaptation. The movie brings a lot of star power to bear: Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained), 2016 Oscar winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight), and Jennifer Connelly (Requiem for a Dream, American Pastoral) will all star, with the titular role of the film, Alita, being played by Rosa Salazar. The film will be directed by Robert Rodriguez, best known for directing Sin City.


 Battle Angel Alita, written by Yukito Kishiro, was serialized in Japan between December of 1990 and April of 1995. It follows the story of Alita, a female cyborg who is found partially destroyed in a junkyard by Doctor Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz). Taking place in the cyberpunk setting of the 26th century city of Scrapyard, Alita remembers nothing of her past except for her deadly martial arts skills. Alita puts her skills to the test by becoming a bounty hunter who tracks down deadly cyborgs, hoping that through her encounters she can reveal more about her mysterious past.

Battle Angel Alita comes to a theatre near you on 20 July 2018.

Image Source:  Kodansha Comics

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