tinyBuild releases Hello Neighbor for Xbox One and PC

Too Far Gone | Hello Neighbor

Pretend for a second you’re in the midst of relocating, your bags are packed and you’re well on your way to a new suburban life.  You arrive and everything seems okay until you notice something off about the guy who lives across the street. A wave of obsession begins to ensue and before long you’re breaking into his home, searching for the reasons why this man haunts your every waking thought. This is essentially the plot and gameplay driving tinyBuild’s newly published title Hello Neighbor, a self-proclaimed stealth-horror game which has been in development since early last year. Originally intended to launch back in August, tinyBuild delayed the game’s release due to various engine upgrades and stability issues   penning an apology later that month.

Hello Neighbor has had an interesting development cycle, being that numerous Alpha and Beta builds have been released for the game since September of 2016. This means that the community of people who are interested in the game have already seen a lot of what it has to offer. For a game that is built around secrets, they’ve provided more than just a passing glance through the rear window. It’s also concerning that the latest Beta (Beta 3) is still a very buggy experience, and one can only hope that the extra time taken to complete the game has helped to iron out most of its issues.

The final build of the game currently retails for $29.99 USD; there’s also a free Alpha 2 demo available for anybody who would like to give it a try before coughing up the cash. Available on both PC and Xbox One, check out the launch trailer embedded below.

Image Source: Helloneighborgame

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