EPICA to Release Attack on Titan Cover Album

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Sometimes you never really knew you wanted something so badly until it presents itself to you. This is exactly the situation with EPICA VS attack on titan songs, an EP being released by Dutch symphonic metal band EPICA. In their new EP, which goes live December 20, the band covers and reworks the opening theme songs for Attack on Titan’s first and second season in their signature style. The four opening songs covered by EPICA on the EP will each be accompanied by an instrumental version as well. In a video message from Simone Simons, the band’s lead singer, it was announced that EPICA will be performing a onetime only concert in Shibuya on January 18, during which they will perform tracks from the new release.


Attack on Titan became a worldwide phenomenon when its anime adaptation premiered during the 2013 spring anime season. Strange bleak depictions of humanity’s dystopian future aside, Attack on Titan’s opening theme songs are instantly recognizable, further adding to the IP’s clout. The show’s first opening theme, Crimson Bow and Arrow, became memetic hit after it’s premiere — fans of the show even created parody videos, using the song with different television shows. Lightning struck twice with Sacrifice Your Hearts!, a track more affectionately known to fans as Sasageyo (the Japanese title for the song is Shinzo o Sasageyo), once again inspiring a series of meme videos.

Both Sacrifice Your Hearts! and Crimson Bow and Arrow were previously released as singles. Hit up the Japanese iTunes store if you’d like to give the EP a listen.

Image Sources: Ward Records / EPICA.NL

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