The Quack is Back: Duck Takes Pat’s House 3

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On December 3, San Diego Melee fans were shocked to see two out-of-region players  Phoenix1 Duck, Michigan Samus player and ninth seed, and Zain, MD/VA Marth player and sixth seed duke it out in grand finals of Pat’s House 3 over higher seeded favourites such as CLG SFAT, Lucky, CLG PewPewU, and G2 Westballz.

Zain managed to put up a formidable performance, bringing the first set of grand finals to a 2-2 tie, but ultimately fell short in the last game against Duck’s methodical, bait-heavy play.

In a refreshing change of pace for the scene, both finalists had meteoric runs despite their seeding. Duck only lost one game outside of top 8, 3-0ing first seed SFAT on his way there; Zain managed to do most of his heavy lifting in top 8, eliminating SFAT, EGtv Crush, and lloD on his way to grands.

Outside of grand finals, Pat’s House 3 featured numerous upsets, chief of which being an unexpected run from local San Diego Falco main El Fuego, who managed to knock second seed Lucky into losers bracket in an impressive 3-1 take-down, and eliminate third seed Westballz 3-0 on his way to top 8. Also of note were upsets by Luigi main LFG Eddy Mexico, who sent beast coast MikeHaze into losers bracket with a dominant 3-1 performance, Fox main and fight-stick user Hax, who 3-0’d Westballz in winners quarters, and uber-technical Fox main Balance Syrox, who eliminated Lucky 3-0 in the fourth round of losers.

While the Melee calendar year is considered over for majors, Pat’s House 3 will still count towards the 2017 MIOM rankings. This upset-heavy “super-regional” is likely to shake-up some rankings for the year. El Fuego, whose last tournament appearance was a 25th place at Dreamhack Austin in April, and tournament champion Duck, who hasn’t placed this highly at a tournament of this size since a 2nd place finish at Full Bloom 3 in March, will likely see some higher seeding after their most recent showings.

The next major tournament on the Melee calendar is Genesis 5, which will take place in Oakland, California over the January 19 weekend.

Image Source: 1PC

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