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The Division Launches 1.8 Resistance Update

Too Far Gone | The Division

Hopefully stirring up some action, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft are deploying an update that expands on their speculative cataclysm shooter: Tom Clancy’s The Division. Those asking themselves what the aging RPG still has to offer will want to read on, because the answer is a lot. Resistance (update 1.8) comes December 5 of 2017, nearly two years after its initial launch, and brings with it new modes of play, quality of life tweaks, and an infusion of weapons to further flesh out your digital arsenal. Bulleted for you below are some of the more interesting bits:

  • The West Side Pier is now available, adding another neighborhood to the New York City playspace
  • PvE Resistance Mode (think Zombies from Call of Duty) lets players to squad up and engage in progressive wave defense
  • PvP Skirmish Mode allows teams of four to engage in some good old-fashioned, first to 20 deathmatch

In addition to including supplemental checkpoints to the Underground, Dark Zone denizens will now have the option to manually trigger rogue status. Suffice to say that the update is substantial, implementing both quality of life changes and spicing up the combat with some new ways to get your looty-shooty on.

Is this patch worth diving back into the concrete jungle once more? That’s for you to decide. Clever as ever though, curious first-timers will be able to try out the game for free this upcoming weekend starting December 7, and will be welcomed into the fray with a tempting 70% off should they wish to purchase the game. Correspondingly, players that don’t own the season pass will also get to try out the named Underground, Survival, and Last Stand expansions free of charge. Peep the update trailer and if you see us in the Dark Zone, make sure to say hello!

Image Source: Ubisoft

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