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FFXV to get Episode: Ardyn, Character Swapping, and more

Too Far Gone | Ardyn FFXV

With the most recent active time report, a stream dedicated to discussing post-launch support and improvements for Final Fantasy XV, quite a bit of news has dropped regarding the future of Final Fantasy XV — and it’s looking interesting. Perhaps the hottest news from the stream was that there will be three pieces of DLC released in 2018 that will expand on the FFXV universe, providing more background to characters that were initially underdeveloped in the main story. One such example being Ardyn, who has been confirmed to be receiving an episode. While the only substantial detail was that this DLC is planned for 2018, it means that characters like Luna, Ravus, and even Aranea, all of whom feature little screen time throughout the main story, are up for the further attachment. Furthermore, this little tidbit would seem to further corroborate that we will be seeing a second season pass for the scheduled content, as previously implied by Tabata. It’s safe to assume that the three new pieces of DLC will not be included in the Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition either, which is releasing in early 2018.

Additionally, more details were shared regarding Episode: Ignis, the most notable being that once you clear the episode there will be an alternative route available for play in the episode. The alternate route will apparently involve an extremely difficult boss fight, and is aimed at players who felt emotional during the conclusion of the main story. Spoilers notwithstanding, the extra boss fight can be viewed in this segment of the stream. The last notable detail shared during the stream was the announcement of a scheduled update on December 12, 2018. Shown here, the update will add the ability to play as all four characters during standard combat. Initially revealed to be a concept of Final Fantasy XIII Versus shown long ago, it’s good to see Square Enix bothered to include the feature into Final Fantasy XV, even after all this time.

What DLC episodes would you like to see included in the upcoming year? Hit us up in the comments!

Image Source: Square Enix

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