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Demon’s Souls Servers to Shut Down Q1 2018

Too Far Gone | Demon's Souls

As sad as it is to say, the servers for franchise forerunner Demon’s Souls will be shut down on February 28, 2018. Earlier this week Sony Japan officially announced that they would be shutting down the Japanese servers. This move was initially met with a wave of relief, international fans glad that the other regional servers would remain functional. Unfortunately Atlus, the publisher for the game in other regions — notably North America — released a statement later that day announcing that they too would also be closing up shop and shutting North American servers as of February 28.

While the main draw of the Souls franchise is undoubtedly the singleplayer journey, the features added via online play significantly impact the cult-hit experience. Whether it be asking for help and summoning a fellow player, watching how others died, or even being invaded by them, the online element of the Souls games is seamlessly woven into the singleplayer, allowing for extraordinary and meaningful interaction. Even if players choose to remain solo throughout the adventure, tricky messages and world tendency events can affect the player, adding charm through these subtle forms of engagement. It should be noted that Demon’s Souls dodged a server shut down once before back in 2012, but doing so a second time seems highly unlikely.

A sad day for all slayer of demons indeed. Maybe try to get in one last play-through of the game before the servers are shut down forever?

Image Source: From Software

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