Bungie Adjusts Destiny 2 XP Progression System

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More and more it would seem, as games care less and less about obfuscating the relationship between time and currency, art comes to imitate life. As of yesterday evening, the experience progression system in Destiny 2 has been tweaked to reward players based on progressions and completion as opposed to time invested.

Up until yesterday it would seem that XP gained in Destiny 2 was tailored to scale alongside event time. Simply put: players that took more time during an activity would earn the actual proper amount of XP while players that operated quickly would receive less. According to this post on Reddit, highly efficient players might be missing out on as much as 95% of their possible XP.

Between the monetization of shaders and the patching out of some questionable gauntlets, Bungie seems to be wading into increasingly murkier waters when it comes to the handling of their post-Halo project. Smoothly as you would expect, the dev team wrote that the time-scaling has been officially nixed and that they “will be watching and reviewing XP game data to ensure that these changes meet our expectations.” The issue is particularly upsetting when cast alongside the microtransaction minefield that the industry is currently mired in. XP balancing issues aside Destiny 2 has been steadily churning through its planned content calendar, having just recently wrapped up its first faction war and already foreshadowing the upcoming Curse of Osiris expansion.

Those looking to digest the rhetoric straight from the horse’s mouth can do so here. If you feel like further acquainting yourself with the current state of gaming, you can take as little time as you like reading our coverage of the Battlefront II debacle.

Editor’s Note: This post has been edited for clarity after its initial publication.

Image Source: Bungie

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