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Major Updates to CS:GO Matchmaking

Too Far Gone | Counter-strike: Global Offensive

Over the last few days major changes have been abound in the longtime FPS staple Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In addition to finally ending Operation Hydra the most recent update saw a re-organization of online map pools, new game modes added to official matchmaking, and the adjustment of the auspicious prime matchmaking system.

Since launching in China via Perfect World earlier this year Valve has applied some notable polishing to the title — most recently in their overhaul of the ever-iconic Dust II. Now, as of November 13, tightened up map pools and playlist structure considerably. Here are some of the most significant alterations:

  • The competitive playlist has been whittled down to 11 maps (seven of which featured in competitive rotation)
  • Wingman (2v2) has been given its own playlist and skill grouping
  • Casual has been divided into four playlists: Defusal Group Delta, Defusal Group Sigma, Hostage Group, and Dust II
  • Flying Scoutsman has been added as a playlist under the War Games tab

The devs have also rolled out a new Trust Factor variable to accompany Prime Matchmaking. In order to curb what some might describe as rampant and blatant cheating, a system (Prime Matchmaking) was set in place that asked players to enter and verify their mobile number. This, coupled with a minimum player level requirement, meant that you would be competing against other, more trusted players. Unfortunately the gated play pool meant that low-level players would only be able to play with seasoned friends by rolling the dice in the normal, unmitigated matchmaking pool. Now, players will also be judged based on a number of other peripheral factors such as their total CS:GO playtime, how often they get reported, and how much they play other games on their Steam account. Cheaters and smurfs would often use disposable accounts to play, so theoretically the new Trust Factor system will take these data into account when matching players.

While the game is still far from perfect, the inclusion and reclassification of official playlists, as well as the new matchmaking Trust Factor system, are good signs that Valve is still dedicated to at least maintaining their massively popular first person shooter.

Image Source: Valve

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