DARLING in the FRANXX Premiere Date and Plot Confirmed

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For those of you that have been waiting patiently for Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures to reveal the plot behind their collaborative anime project DARLING in the FRANXX, your time has arrived.

While we knew some details about the project, like it being a sci-fi mecha anime, little was actually revealed about the plot itself up until now. Over the last few months the show released teaser trailers featuring its cast and their FRANXX mecha counterparts. The project has revealed five pairs of characters total, each consisting of a boy and a girl, alongside the FRANXX they pilot. Each character trailer previews a few lines of texts attributed to each of the characters, allowing the viewer to speculate about what is going on in the show’s story. Now, however, we finally get concrete story elements from the studios producing the anime.


The show takes place in the far future where humanity has abandoned a dying planet Earth. Now, humanity lives in a giant mobile fortress city known as “Plantation”. The characters that have been revealed as FRANXX pilots, however, live in segregation from the rest of the population in the training facility Mistilteinn, also referred to as the “Birdcage”. The young pilots spends their days training to fight and pilot their robotic war machines known as the FRANXX. These young pilots face off against humanity’s giant mysterious enemy, the Kyōryū (“Shriek”).

The story will follow former boy prodigy Hiro, known as “Code: 016”, who has fallen behind the pack. The pilots fight for humanity in part to protect the last vestige of its existence, but also as a way to cement their own existence in a turbulent and dire future. With Hiro now feeling the crush of falling behind he questions his own existence, for how can a pilot define themselves if not by piloting a FRANXX? Everything suddenly changes when Hiro meets a strange and mysterious two horned girl known only as “Zero Two”.

DARLING in the FRANXX premieres on January 1 2018 on TOKYO MX.

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