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If you’re a Half Life 2 fan who watches a lot of YouTube, there’s a chance you might have stumbled across The GMod Idiot Box: a web-series created and produced by DasBoSchitt. Initially launched back in 2008, The GMod Idiot Box is comprised of highly exaggerated, animated shorts (similar to Seth Green’s Robot Chicken). DasBoSchitt manipulates character models and effects by using Source, having them act out a variety of amusing skits and scenes. It’s been an effective model, one which has allowed the series to span over 15 parts each episode carrying over two million views. While the channel currently has 669,000 subscribers, the last proper episode was released over two years ago in April of 2015.

Since then DasBoSchitt released one official update video, explaining why he closed his Patreon account along with confirming a foreseeable hiatus to the channel due to new employment (this was again back in 2015).  Earlier this month however, a new video titled Where has DasBoSchitt Been? has surfaced, accruing over 182,000 views. In the video DasBoSchitt explains various reasons for his absence, faulting both himself for the ongoing silence and the constraints he continuously feels: balancing a full-time job with alongside potential creative projects. He’s apologetic in his tone, stating that while his “stir-crazy” problem is ongoing, he still feels inspired to create more content in the foreseeable future. DasBoSchitt also notes that his tastes have changed since the original conception of The GMod Idiot Box, and that making “comeback content that sucks” is worse than giving his audience a mere update on his well-being. Hopefully we’ll see more work from DasBoSchitt in the future, but for now we’ll have to see. Until then, we’ve linked the goods below for you to have a gander.

Source: DasBoSchitt

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