Electronic Arts Changes Pricing Structure in Battlefront II After Massive Outcry

Too Far Gone | Star Wars Battlefront II

It has not been a good past few days for Star Wars: Battlefront II producer Electronic Arts. The company has yet again put itself in the crosshairs of the gaming community with Battlefront’s in game pricing structure. During multiplayer matches players can earn “credits” (Battlefront’s in game currency) for completing challenges alongside completing matches, which then allows them to purchase loot crates and unlock hero units for use in online matches.

While admonished by the gaming community at large over what could be earned in loot crates during the game’s open beta, EA now finds itself in hot water over the unlockable heroes in Battlefront. One Reddit user calculated that a player would need to play roughly forty hours of multiplayer matches to earn enough credits to unlock fan favourite heroes like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. This calculation, however, relies on no supplemental source of credits, such as completing in game challenges or credits received through opening loot boxes. The Reddit user’s lengthy post explains his methodology, and arrives at this conclusion by focusing on the premise that this is what it would be like a week or two into the game’s life cycle, where players would have already bypassed easy challenges that reward large sums of credits.

At the time of their post characters like Luke Skywalker cost 60,000 credits, with the lowest costing unlockable heroes costing 20,000 credits. With mounting accusations that Electronic Arts had intentionally put high price points on certain heroes to coerce players into purchasing the games loot box micro-transactions for real world currency, the publisher put out a statement in response. This did not quell the anger and resentment felt by the gaming community, however, which has recently become increasingly less accepting of micro-transactions in games. According to the r/gaming subreddit, EA’s statement on the issue has become Reddit’s most downvoted comment in the site’s history with, at the time of writing, an astronomical 486,000 downvotes.

With the game only a few days from launch, and once again mired in bad press, EA has responded to the sheer volume of criticism by changing the pricing structure of hero units in the game. As of November 13 heroes like Luke Skywalker will cost players only 15,000 credits, with the lowest costing heroes being only 5,000 credits to unlock, down seventy five percent from its original price point. Currently Star Wars: Battlefront II is available to play for members of EA’s Origin Access program, with the game available for everyone on November 17, 2017.

Editor’s Note: As of November 16, DICE and EA have disabled in-game purchases for Star Wars: Battlefront II. The functionality will likely be reimplemented at a later date.

Image Source: Electronic Arts

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