Wilburgur Completes Oblivion’s Main Campaign

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By the nine divines, it’s crazy to think that almost four months ago Wilburgur released the first episode of his heavily modified let’s-play series, The Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Adventures of Autism-Cat. Anyone familiar with the Australian Youtuber’s channel could tell you that Wilburgur does not take things seriously, a tone which remains consistent in all of his videos. Despite The Elders Scrolls IV being more than a decade old, Wilburgur’s ridiculous adventure somehow managed to catch the attention of Oblivion fans and memers alike, and the channel has prospered ever since. To give a little bit of context, Wilburgur was sitting around 17,000 subscribers and 1.24 million total views before this series started in July of this year. The channel has now grown to over 87,000 subscribers and above 8.1 million total views that’s more than a 500% increase in less than four months. While this Oblivion let’s-play might not be the only reason that the channel has expanded so quickly, it has certainly had a significant impact.

The absurd journey of Autism-Cat loosely follows the traditional narrative of the Oblivion storyline, with comedic beats spattered throughout various in-game occurrences. At this moment in time, The Adventures of Autism-Cat has been serialized into 22 parts and the Khajiit has largely completed what there is to do in Cyrodiil. This includes notable quest lines such as: becoming the champion of the Fighter’s Guild, incurring vampirism, joining and conquering the Dark Brotherhood, and saving the Imperial Mages Guild from total extinction. With the main campaign now complete, it’s unclear where The Adventures of Autism-Cat will go, but it is unlikely that Wilburgur will drop the character entirely before releasing few more videos.

The latest “special” to date is called Metal Gear Khajiit, and is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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