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On November 9, Discord introduced their platform’s newest feature Rich Presence The feature allows game developers to sync their game’s client with Discord to share in-game activities inside the chat window, as well as update your profile on Discord with in-game actions. The new feature is also being promoted as a way for indie game developers to gain exposure for their blood, sweat, and tears by allowing the millions of Discord users to easily view what’s happening in their friends’ games by getting as close as they can to the action through spectating gameplay.

If you’re not one of the 45 million using Discord just yet, the groupware in question – billed as an alternative to TeamSpeak and Skype – is a secure game chat software that can run in your browser, on mobile, or by downloading their standalone client. Since its release the application has been widely adopted as chatroom software beyond gaming, appealing to friend and forum groups that are fans of growing niche trends, and staying up to date with the latest news on your favourite anime and video games.

You can download Discord for free here, and start chatting with friends or even internet strangers that share the same interests as you today.

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