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Breakaway Armour in Fire Emblem Warriors

Too Far Gone | Fire Emblem Lucina

Fire Emblem Warriors, akin to its Zelda themed predecessor, is a Dynasty Warriors style hack and slash featuring characters from the Fire Emblem universe. Nary a month old since its worldwide release, the game will see a scheduled content update (1.2.0) next Thursday on November 16. The stand-out patch note, as detailed by Koei Tecmo, is the soon to be implemented armor break mechanic which will see Rowan and Lianna losing parts of their apparel if they get hit by a weapon with the “disrobe” quality. Correspondingly, the two heroes will be receiving clothes as well. Come Thursday, Lianna and Rowan can respectively suit up in either the “Gold Princess” or “Gold Prince” armour set.

Since Awakening, the IP has arguably been leaning strongly on its franchise tenure and attractive character design – the season pass for Warriors even going as far as to offer a bridal costume for Lucina. How spicy tear-away costumes might get in FEW is anyone’s guess; but with Nintendo looking to welcome more “mature games,” and the likes of Gal*Gun 2 and Senran Kagura: Reflex already queued and confirmed, Switch owners might be in for a wild ride. Those interested in purchasing a taste of matrimony, or the game proper, can find more details via the Nintendo portal.

Image Source: Nintendo

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