Clutch Till Death: Hungrybox Takes Smash Summit 5

Too Far Gone | Liquid Hungrybox Summit 5

On November 5, Liquid Hungrybox defeated Alliance Armada 3-2 in the first set of grand finals at Smash Summit 5 in the Jigglypuff-Fox match-up. While the set was close throughout, Hungrybox’s pivotal play on Final Destination (Armada’s counter-pick) in game 3 gave him a much needed edge for the later set. Although Armada managed to take game 4, and maintain a close trail in game 5, Hungrybox opened him up for a massive rest to close out his 3rd stock and cement a lead comfortable enough to take the set. This continues an unprecedented streak of wins for Hungrybox this year, with recent first place finishes at Shine 2017, GT-X, and The Big House 7,. looking to place him at #1 for the year in the MIOM rankings.

Smash Summit 5, overall, had its fair share of exciting matches: TSM RB Leffen’s Fox making a massive run through c9 Mango’s Falco in pools, PG Plup’s Sheik in winners quarters, and Armada’s Fox in winners semis to secure his place as a top 3 finisher. A very close 3-2 winners quarters set between Armada and Fry’s Wizzrobe had the public salivating for blood once again, but Armada managed to maintain his 7-year undefeated streak against Captain Falcon. The losers bracket featured quite a few upsets, most notably: EGtv Crush convincingly winning 3-1 in the Fox-Sheik match-up against IMT Shroomed, and Tempo Axe beating FOX MVG Mew2King 3-2 in the unfavourable Pikachu-Sheik match-up.

While Smash Summit closes out the year for North American majors, Dreamhack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden is taking place on December 2-3. The next supermajor, Genesis 5 in Oakland, CA will take place in the new year on January 19-21, 2018. As of yet there is no confirmed date for the next Smash Summit, but it is speculated to be taking place in the spring, 2018.

Image Source: beyondthesummit

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