Naked & Famous Street Fighter II Selvedge Jeans Teaser

Too Far Gone | Naked & Famous Street Fighter II

Garment manufacturers Naked & Famous have officially announced their Street Fighter II collaboration with Capcom. The result: two pairs of jeans depicting iconic Street Fighter characters Ryu and Guile. The Montreal based denim dealers recently released a short video unveiling the products.

The two pairs of jeans are made from Japanese selvedge denim (read: higher end jeans with a clean edge visible on the outseam) and have tan, foil embossed leather badges featuring Ryu and Guile instead of the usual manufacturing brand. The exclusive pairs also feature character depictions visible on the pocket bags, coloured stitching in line with each character’s signature move, and Udon Comics associate purveyors of the Daigo Umehara manga artwork on the pocket flashers.

While the jeans are made in Canada, the denim has allegedly been woven on Japanese looms in the Okayama prefecture. Those interested in purchasing a pair (or two) can either keep their eyes peeled with regard to select retailers selling the gear later this month, or set up an email alert via links found on the Naked & Famous website. If you are merely among the curious, you can ogle the wears below in the official teaser video.

Image Source: Naked & Famous Denim

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