The Return of the King: FOX MVG Mew2King Takes Canada Cup 2017

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October 29, Canada Cup 2017 proved to be quite a shocking tournament for Melee fans, as FOX MVG Mew2King took the tournament in the second set of grand finals over TSM RB Leffen in the Marth – Fox match-up 3-2. Though Mew2King appeared to be absolutely dominant in the first set, knocking Leffen into losers bracket 3-0, Leffen managed to gain some footing in the second set, bringing what would have seemed to be another quick 3-0 into a 2-2 tie. Mew2King, however, managed to regain that dominance for the last game, 3 stocking Leffen to win it all.

The road to victory wasn’t easy for Mew2King. In addition to having to win grand finals from losers bracket against the competitor who put him there, he also had to face Alliance Armada in the Marth – Peach match-up in losers finals. Despite having only taken sets from Armada 3 times before, Mew2King managed to upset the first seed by eliminating him at 3rd in a 3-2 nail-biter.

Marquee fights aside, the tournament featured a number of other notable moments: Montreal Ganondorf main Kage “The Warrior” upsetting and eliminating both cerebral Toronto Sheik wizard Kirbykaze at 9th, as well as famed doubles Swedish Sheik main Alliance Android at 7th — both in solid 3-1 displays of match-up knowledge. Further upsets included Kitchener Falco main Trulliam eliminating top Toronto Fox player ERG Ryan Ford 3-2 for a 9th place finish, and Android knocking out Michigan Samus main Duck at 9th.

These results prove interesting with Smash Summit 5 happening next weekend November 2-5. Arguable #1 player, and winner of all previous Smash Summits, Armada is looking to be a favourite to take the tournament. But with recent losses against Mew2King, Leffen, PG Plup, and Liquid Hungrybox, all of which will be in attendance, it’s starting to look like it could be anyone’s game.

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