Suicune Enters NA Raid System in Pokémon Go

Too Far Gone | Suicune Pokemon #245

Indicating what is likely the final rotation of the legendary dog trio in Pokémon Go, Suicune has entered the North American raid system. For a limited time (roughly one month) players will be able to link up and take a crack at the living aurora. Participating will require the use of a raid pass (either free or premium) as well as a raid team (you will not be able to solo capture). Weighing in at 34471 Boss CP, Suicune is a pure Water type sporting moves like Hydro Pump and Bubble Beam, as well as Hidden Power and pocket psychic move Extrasensory. Leave Golem in the PC and bring Raikou instead for this one, as Electric and Grass types will prove the most effective counters.

The rollover also signals the end of the Halloween event. With a little bit of time still left on the clock, players are able to catch Gen 3 Ghost types like Shuppet and Duskull in addition to the adorably spooky “Witch Hat Pikachu.” Players have also been treated to candy multipliers across the board and a decorative Mimikyu hat for their avatars. Holiday encounters and increased rewards are set to fall off November 2 around 4PM EST, so if you haven’t logged in yet make sure to do so soon!

Image Source: Too Far Gone


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