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On October 22, Liquid Hungrybox took Dreamhack Denver over C9 Mang0, winning the grand finals in the first set 3 – 1. This continues a streak of wins for Hungrybox, just recently having taken The Big House 7 over PG Plup, and GT-X over Alliance Armada, leading into Smash Summit 5 starting November 2. Notable in the winners and grand finals set was Mang0’s return to Fox against Hungrybox’s Jigglypuff, as the last time these two met, in grand finals at Shine 2017, Mango attempted the Falco – Jigglypuff match-up before switching to Fox mid-way. While Mang0’s willingness to play Fox may have been an indication to fans of the presence of “try-hard” Mang0, Hungrybox managed to clutch out the set, and assert himself with a forward-throw to back-air combo to take the win.

The last event to take place in the Dreamhack Smash Championship Series was Dreamhack Montreal, which was not attended by either Hungrybox or Mang0, and was won by Canadian-Nicaraguan Captain Falcon main ALG-EMG N0ne. Hungrybox originally had plans to attend Dreamhack Montreal, but dropped out, citing the at-the-time impending Hurricane Irma headed for his home-state of Florida.

Notable upsets from Dreamhack Denver include Virginia Marth main Zain eliminating Beast Coast Mike Haze 3 – 0, and Liquid Chudat eliminating FOX Mew2King 3 – 1 in an unexpected Fox – Ganondorf match-up.

The next and final event in the Dreamhack Smash Championship Series for the year, Dreamhack Winter, is scheduled to take place November 30 – December 2 in Jönköping, Sweden.

Editor’s Note: Inaccurate information initially led to a false battle report regarding Mang0’s character selection in finals. The instance has been rectified; Too Far Gone regrets the error.

Image Source: Hungrybox

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