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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2017 Begins

Overwatch Halloween, Zenyatta

You are startled awake from a nightmare. Visions of monsters, witches, and demons flood into your woken mind. A cold sweat seeps into your bed-sheets. You look around your moonlit room, scrambling to distinguish fact from fiction. The cackle of an Australian man echoes in your ears. That’s right fellow Overwatch fans, Dr. Junkenstein has returned. It is once again that time of year, another holiday season, and another Overwatch event is upon us. From October 10 to November 1 Blizzard will be running the Halloween Terror event.

Making its return to the event is the PvE arcade brawl Junkenstein’s Revenge. The brawl is a four player cooperative mission where you must fight off the horde of monsters Dr. Junkenstein has created. Players may choose from four characters; an Alchemist (Ana), an Archer (Hanzo), a Soldier (Soldier 76), and an oddity (McCree) to defend the gates of Castle Eichenwald. New to this year’s Halloween Terror event is the brawl Endless Night, another four person coop PvE mission where, like the name implies, the players must last as long as possible from an endless wave of monsters. This brawl will not only let you use the playable characters from Junkenstein’s Revenge but also Genji, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, and Zenyatta. Endless Night will also have yet another leaderboard for you to take a crack at.

Of course, no Overwatch event is complete without a bevy of new skins and other cosmetics to earn. During this year’s Halloween Terror there will be eight new legendary skins and one new epic highlight intro. Along with these new skins, just like the 2017 Summer Games event, last year’s event skins will be for sale at the discounted (normal) price point. One important note for all you collectors out there, the tombstone victory poses will no longer drop from Halloween loot boxes. Blizzard has decided that while some of these victory poses fit for some of the game’s cast, and that while the tombstones fit in with the spooky nature of Halloween, they do not fit the flavour of the entire cast bar none. Therefore, this Halloween Terror will be the last time they will be available for purchase (75 gold each) before they are retired. For more details regarding the 2017 Halloween Terror event click here.

Image Source:  PlayOverwatch

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