Liquid Hungrybox Wins The Big House 7

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On October 8 2017, Liquid Hungrybox, double-eliminated PG Plup to take The Big House 7. This continues a hot streak for Hungrybox, with him also taking GT-X over Alliance Armada last weekend.

Big House 7, the final jewel in the supermajor “Triple Crown” of the Melee calendar year, took place October 6-8 2017. Many upsets happened over the course of the weekend with 1st seed, and MIOM ranked #1 player, Armada getting knocked into loser’s bracket by 5th seed PG Plup, as well as finishing the tournament in 4th place. This marks the first time Plup has beaten Armada in a tournament setting.

Further upsets included 11th seed G2 Westballz being defeated at an uncharacteristic 65th place by up-and-coming Falco player and 43rd seed Ginger, 9th seed Frys Wizzrobe being knocked into loser’s bracket in second round pools by 120th seed L, and 17th seed MSF La Luna being knocked into loser’s bracket by 112th seed Anther.

Fan favourites C9 Mang0 and FOX Mew2King both landed at 5th place, while European hotshot TSM RB Leffen finished 3rd.

The next major event of the Melee year is the invitational Smash Summit 5, with Hbox, Plup, Armada, Leffen, Mango and M2K slated to make appearances. Smash Summit 5 will take place on November 2-5 2017.

Image Source: Hungrybox

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