Shows to Watch: Fall Anime Season 2017

With the culmination of the 2017 summer anime season this past weekend it is time once again to see what Japan has in store for us in the coming months.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin V – Clash at Loum

As the One Year War continues to escalate between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation Space Forces, we finally reach the climactic Battle of Loum. Loum marks one of the most significant points in the Universal Century timeline as it is the first battle where the mobile suit shows off its devastating military capability in battle. Loum also marks the ascension of Char Aznable from soldier to quasi mythical Zeon Ace – “the Red Comet”– who from this point is feared and respected on both sides of the battlefield. Along with the rise of Char we continue to follow the stories of characters like Amuro Ray, Sayla Mass, and Rambal Ral as the Universal Century storyline draws ever closer to the beginning of the 1979 classic Mobile Suit Gundam.


Juuni Taisen

A battle to the death like none other. The story revolves around twelve warriors, each styled after one of the Chinese zodiac, fighting in a battle royale style tournament – the winner of which will be granted a wish. Written by famed novelist Nisio Isin (Bakemonogatari, Zaregoto), the anime adaptation looks to be an action packed bloodbath.


Houseki no Kuni

In the distant future Earth is populated by life forms called Gems. A young Gem, Phosphophyllite, is tasked with collecting the history of his people. The history of the Gems is filled with conflict, as they have long battled for survival against the Moon Dwellers. The Moon Dwellers continuously attack the jewel-like Gems to abduct their kind and use them as ornaments and decoration, as well as take advantage of their luxurious value. This CG anime has a beautiful aesthetic unlike any other show this season, and in my opinion is worth a watch based on that alone.


Image Source: Sunrise Inc.


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