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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, Haruka and Hikage | Too Far Gone

At long last the localization is here; Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is available in the Americas after roughly half a year of waiting. In traditional SK games, players are able to select their Senran and play through a Dynasty Warriors style of brawler. PBS throws convention out the window and pivots into the third person shooter genre, having players pilot the girls around various battlefields and soak one another with high-powered water guns.

Shinobi skills have been supplemented with collectible cards that can be upgraded and later used in battle, offering different types of buffs and support. The title sports all of the series’ usual bells and whistles alongside a fleshed out multiplayer mode, allowing players hop online and give strangers the ol’ spray-down. After downing an opponent you will also have the opportunity to get up close for a “squirmy finish,” using a small rubber duck to blast off their swimsuit and partially strip the girls naked.

Building on the ever-crucial intimate experience, the diorama mode for PBS supports five girls and has bolted a couple new features onto the classic one-on-one viewer. Players will be able to saturate their Senran, presumably with a water gun, in addition to the usual petting and kissing.

The game is available for digital download on the PlayStation Store for $49.99 USD. While cosmetic micro-transactions abound, players are currently able to treat themselves to a few freebies. If bikini-clad babes on the beach still aren’t enough for you, check out our write-up of last month’s Senran Kagura showcase and get yourself amped for some of the other upcoming SK titles like Reflex and Re:Newal.

Image Source: Honey∞Parade Games

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