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Super Mario Run Gets New Mode, Character

Super Mario Run | Too Far Gone

Super Mario Run is getting its biggest content update to date. The update, set to launch on September 29, will add a new world to the game’s main story mode, a brand-new game mode, and a new playable character.

The new mode, called Remix 10, allows players to play remixed stages in short bursts. Players will play through the bite-sized levels 10 at a time while attempting to collect rainbow colored bonus medals. Collecting bonus medals and completing levels will allow players to build new items in their Mushroom Kingdom and even unlock Daisy as a playable character. Remix 10 is aiming to please casual players as well by allowing them to continue to the next level even if they’re unable to clear the stage they’re currently on.

In addition to Remix 10, the update will add World Star to the game. World Star will introduce 9 new stages, each with their own pink, purple, and black coins to be collected — similar to the original release. This should give players a reason to jump back into stages they’ve already cleared. 

Finally, players will now be able to listen to their own music while playing the game. If you choose to do so, whichever character you play as will sport a set of headphones.

To celebrate the update, Super Mario Run will be discounted on both the App Store and Google Play store. The price is dependent on your region, but most stores will see discounts up to 50 percent. Look forward to the new content when the update launches September 29.

Image Source: Nintendo UK

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