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King’s Knight Goes Live on iOS and Android

Released after much silence, King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon went live worldwide with it’s 2.1.0 “large-scale renewal update” on the app store for both iOS and Android earlier this week on September 12. The app originally soft launched in Australia back in October of last year, and only recently launched worldwide with the recent 2.1.0 update. While the original King’s Knight was released in 1986 for the NES, its sequel Wrath of the Dark Dragon is a mobile game retaining core elements of the original (a vertical auto-scrolling shooter) while adding in online four player co-op and more. This mobile game is the very same King’s Knight that Noctis and friends play throughout Final Fantasy XV, effectively making the game yet another addition to the ever expanding Final Fantasy XV Universe. One can only hope that this game’s online service will not be discontinued like Justice Monsters V, another mobile game born from the Final Fantasy XV Universe.

Being reborn as a mobile game naturally means the introduction of new mobile game elements, especially with the game being free-to-play. Gacha elements are one such element that is bolted onto the experience, as you “spin” for new characters using the in-game currency regalite (“prime regalite” can also be bought for real money through the in-game store). There will also be timed events and quests that rotate throughout the weeks to come. Lastly, login bonuses are present with daily missions to earn more of the in-game currency. All in all, the typical mobile stuff.

Get King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon from the iOS app store here and from the Android play store here. Additionally, you can watch a trailer for the game here, and visit the official site here. Are you ready to rumble?

Editor’s Note: At time of posting, some Android users have been reporting that the game is bugged and will crash on start-up.

Image Source: Square Enix

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