FaZe Clan Take ESL One New York’s Top Spot

It was all set up to be a fairytale victory this past weekend at ESL One New York’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive grand finals. Team Liquid, a squad made up of some of North America’s top talent, had made it all the way to the summit. With the crowd in their favor, and feeling in top form after beating SK Gaming, it truly felt like it was Liquid’s time to shine. Finally it was time for North American Counter-Strike to prove that it deserved to play with the big boys in a predominantly European dominated scene. However — it wasn’t meant to be. A dominant FaZe Clan dashed the hopes of all those cheering for the boys in blue.

The first map of the best of 5 series took place on Inferno, one of Team Liquid’s picks in the map vetoing process, and they had proven to be strong there so far. What resulted from Team Liquid’s map choice could only be described as a bloodbath with the first half of the game ending up 15-0 in favour of FaZe. Inferno ended 16-3 in favor of FaZe and the series moved on to FaZe’s map choice: Overpass. While FaZe once again showed a dominate performance during the first half, Liquid began to rally on their terrorist side bringing the score to a 14-16 finale. Unfortunately for the fans of North American Counter-Strike, Liquid stumbled on the last hurdle. With the series at 2-0 for FaZe, the lineup of European super stars quickly cleaned up a third victory on Mirage with a score of 16-4.

This crushing victory for FaZe Clan brings hope to the fans of the European super team. With a poor performance at Dreamhack Masters Malmo 2017, some were speculating that the team, made up of some of the best players to ever play the game, would just not work out. However with superb performances from tournament MVP Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, and the rest of their lineup, FaZe Clan look like they might win more than just ESL One New York’s $125,000 USD first place prize.

Image Source: definetlynothim via Imgur

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