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Square Enix’s Project Octopath Traveler Hits the Net

While a number of expected Nintendo titles were shown off during the most recent Nintendo Direct on September 13th 2017, one title stood out as an unexpected surprise, Square Enix’s Project Octopath Traveler (a working title). Various aspects of the game were shown off that displayed the game’s old-school JRPG vibe, but as the trailer went on it became clear that the game would combine these vibes with modern elements to create a fresh experience, similar to the recent Bravely Default series.

The game will allow the player to choose from one of eight protagonists each with their own unique “path action,” allowing them to uniquely interact with NPCs throughout the story. The warrior character Olbreic, for example, has the unique path action of Challenge which allows him to challenge most anyone, be it grandmother or villager, to a duel. Some characters path actions give them unique abilities in battle as well, such as calling for aid. Visually, the game uses a combination of CG, pixel art, and “visual wizardry” to achieve the striking graphics shown within the game – a style which the developers refer to as “HD-2D”.

The battle system was shown to use the traditional turn-based JRPG format, but with additional mechanics. The boost system, for example, allows the player to accumulate boost points (BP) for each turn taken in battle. BP can then be used to power up spells and abilities, or even chain physical attacks for massive damage following a guard break. The battle system bears resemblance to the previously mentioned Bravely Default series, understandably so as the Bravely Default producers are also at the helm of Project Octopath Traveller.

The showcase concluded by announcing that a demo of Project Octopath Traveler would be available worldwide following the announcement on the eShop for the Nintendo Switch, featuring two of the eight potential protagonists. A demo survey will also be released to gather feedback about the game from players, so be sure to try the demo and fill out the survey to give Square Enix the best possible feedback about the project.

Project Octopath Traveler is scheduled for a worldwide release next year on the Nintendo Switch. You can watch the extended game trailer here, you can watch the Nintendo Direct showcase here (recommended), and you can view the demo page on the Nintendo eShop site here.

Image Source: Square Enix

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