Happy 10th Birthday to Hatsune Miku

Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku! Everyone’s favourite virtual idol celebrates her tenth birthday today on August 31. From singing synthesizer to worldwide sensation, the twin tailed pop idol developed by Crypton Future Media has come a long way from her humble beginnings. Originally created as a tool for professional musicians, Hatsune Miku was added to the release of Yamaha’s VOCALOID2 program. With the ability to run vocals for any number of genres Miku’s potential was limitless as musicians created more and more music for her. Soon after her release she became a cultural sensation in Japan and by 2011 had over 100,000 songs credited to her.


From selling out concerts to an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2014, Hatsune Miku has become a worldwide sensation. So much so that even corporations like the American arm of Toyota have worked with her in their advertisement campaign for the 2011 Corolla, “The official car of Hatsune Miku.” Her fame does not stop there however, just last year in a shampoo commercial for LUX she received a phone call from Scarlett Johansson. Miku has even broken into the world of mainstream western music: her vocals in Aura Qualic’s DATA 2.0 having been sampled in the Big Boi single Kill Jill (she also makes a cameo in at the end of the music video).

Here’s to another ten years of success to the digital idol icon Hatsune Miku!

Image Source: Crypton Future Media

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