Gundam Wing Zero to Receive Celebratory FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE Figure

Gundam fans have a new figurine to look forward to – one that’s packing some serious centerpiece potential. Bandai’s premium figure label Tamashii Nation is releasing an exquisite figure of Wing Gundam Zero (Endless Waltz Ver.). In celebration of over twenty years of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (and its follow up movie Endless Waltz) Tamashii Nation has created a fully transformable, highly detailed, diecast Wing Zero figure.

Standing 17cm tall the Gundam will come with interchangeable parts and weapons, two of which – the Drei Zwerg and the Seiben Zwerg – were only mentioned in the manga and novelization respectively. As noted above the figure will also be able to transform from its normal combat mode to its Neo Bird Mode, which in the anime allowed it to fly through both the Earth’s atmosphere and the void of space.


The Endless Waltz version of Gundam Wing Zero is an iconic mobile suit in the Gundam franchise. Piloted by Heero Yuy the white wings of Wing Zero are instantly recognizable to devotees of the mecha anime genre. The retail price for this premium figure will be 27,000 yen and aims to be released February 2018.

Image Source: Gundam Kits Collection

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