Brock and Misty Return!

Brock and Misty

With Pokémon nearing it’s 1000th episode and just releasing a new movie, it has been just over six years since Brock or Misty have made their cut back to the Pokémon canon. In the coming months the characters will finally make their return.

Televi-kun magazine has published that the original accompanying characters will meet up again, during the episodes airing in Japan on September 14 and 21, at a Pokémon extracurricular class which Ash is taking during a short detour back into the Kanto region.

The last time either of these characters made an appearance was while Ash was exploring the Sinnoh region with Dawn in 2011. This announcement is especially interesting considering the bold choice to erase the characters’ history in choosing to write Brock and Misty out of the latest Pokémon movie, which retold the story of the first episode of Pokémon, Pikachu: I Choose You!.

You can keep up with the latest episodes of Pokémon Sun & Moon airing on Teletoon every Saturday at 12PM ET/PT, and look forward to dubbed international premiere of Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! hitting the silver screen on November 5th and 6th.

Image Source: Pokémon

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