PUBG Invitational Day One Winner Crowned

The first day of the Gamescom PUBG Invitational has ended and a winner has been crowned! Streamers and pro players alike travelled to Cologne, Germany for the four day long tournament to see which players really were the best at the early access mega-hit PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. The game at its core is quite simple: be the last player alive at the end of the match. It’s a tall order, but these players have been cultivating the skills demanded for such a feat since the games release earlier this March.

The tournament format is a bit odd when compared to traditional esports events as each day features a different game mode. Day one was 3PP (third person perspective) solos, where it was every man or woman for themselves. Day two is Duos (team doubles in both FPP and 3PP), day three is FFP Duos, and the final day will be 3PP Squads (teams of four). To determine who is the best each day players and teams are awarded points based on their finishing place during each of the matches, as well as five points for each kill they make.

Yesterday’s first match was dominated by TSM_BreaK who slaughtered the competition and finished on top with a monstrous 11 kills. Despite his impressive start, the solo portion of the tournament would be won by EVERMORE. Employing some unorthodox strategies, like travelling out to the spawn island at the beginning of both the first and third match, the unsigned Korean Overwatch pro would win his second match and accumulate 790 points over the day’s trio of matches. BreaK– a favourite for many – finished in second place with 700 points; third place went to Team Liquid’s Hayz with 655 points.

EVERMORE would travel all the way out to the area in the red circle to begin match one and three.

The tournament will continue on until August 26, so if you want to get your fix of battle royale goodness you can check out upcoming invitational action here.


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