Dragon Ball FighterZ: New Characters, Release Date and Closed Beta Details

Revealed August 22 in a promotional video were a few new Dragon Ball FighterZ details including the release date, game editions, and new characters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2D tag team fighter from Arc System Works’ TEAM RED development team, known recently for their work on Guilty Gear XrdDragon Ball FighterZ will be a 2D fighting game, like Guilty Gear Xrd, but it will be fully rendered in 3D with modifications made to the character’s animations as a callback to sprite based old school fighters. This will still allow for the three dimensional display of special moves while bringing the genre’s style forward into the 2010’s.

Unveiled within the aforementioned promotional video were details about two new characters: Android 18 and Android 16. While Android 17 was also shown in the video it has been confirmed by Gamescom attendees that he only appears in some of Android 18’s specials and thus, is not his own character. Details on how the Androids play are slowly surfacing, but as of now full coverage is not available. Also shown in the video was the release date, February 2018, the two editions of the game available for purchase, and pre-order bonuses, all shown below.

There has been much discussion regarding the closed beta, as many are surely curious and excited about access. Not explicitly shown in the trailer, closed beta signup is now available through various online portals depending on your region or platform. We’ve arranged the signup links for you below, but if you still feel like checking out the video you can do so here.

  • Xbox One signup here, through Microsofts “Insider Hub” program
  • Playstation 4 Europe signup here
  • Playstation 4 Multi-regional signup here

Image Source: BANDAI NAMCO

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