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G’day and Welcome to Junkertown!

Your favourite Australian duo are back at it again, and I’m not talking about Crocodile Dundee and a knife. On August 21 2017 Blizzard announced that a new escort map would be added into the Overwatch map rotation. In the animated short below, Junkrat and Roadhog introduce us to Junkertown and the map’s objective: to blow the whole place up. Like Numbani, Junkertown loosely provides a narrative reason for escorting a payload across the map. Instead of it being Doomfist’s gauntlet however; it’s a pile of gold currency hiding the real dynamite payload.


Junkertown is the Australian outback fortress of the Junker faction in the Overwatch lore. After the Omnic Crisis, Australia’s outback became a post-apocalyptic wasteland when the Australian Liberation Front destroyed the fusion core. From this wasteland came Junkertown: a fortress made of scrap metal ruled over by “The Queen.” Currently at odds with their former community the two lovable miscreants plan to blow up the stronghold, get rich, and get their revenge. No date has been announced for the release of Junkertown as of yet but if it follows the trend of past map releases it will be in the next major patch.


Image Source: PlayOverwatch

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