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Gravity Rush 2 x Let It Die Special Event

If you haven’t logged in for a while there’s still plenty of time to get in on all the promotional goodness. There’s roughly three weeks remaining in Let It Die‘s collaborative Gravity Rush 2 event. Running until September 6, those attempting to successfully climb the tower of barbs can cash in for plenty of themed in-game swag.

First and foremost is the Kat armor pack: available in the store for $13.49 USD the craftable armour will allow players to dress their fighters in Kat’s iconic outfit. The promotional DLC gear set can be upgraded, but unlike traditional pieces its appearance won’t change through the R&D process. And yes, according to Uncle Death, it’s a one size fits all sort of situation.

As for things that you don’t necessarily need to pay for with cash, a special mushroom stew specifically for Gravity Rush 2 decals is also available. At 10 death metals a pop, the limited time only stew features 10 GR2 themed variants of already existing decals. After some spicy Q&A on the Let It Die subreddit, GungHo’s Community Manager wrote that Gravity Rush 2 decals are “pretty” versions of what can normally be found in the stew that players purchase with kill coins. To be fair, the event decals are premiums (you retain them upon death). But unless you’re a Gravity Rush super-fan, it might be smarter to save your DM.

Also up for grabs are some appealing quest bounties, one of the more exciting ones being 10 DM for 10 drop kick kills. The first bout of quests ends August 24, so you’ll have just under a week at the time of writing if you want to try and take advantage. Correspondingly, the second round of questing will kick off that same Thursday and will presumably end concurrently with the event itself.

Let It Die‘s official news bulletin detailing the event has it ending with the start of maintenance on September 6 (also the end of availability listed on the PlayStation store for the aforementioned Kat pack) but later goes on to list the end of the second round of quests as a day later on September 7, so better to play it safe and finish up all your grinding by the sixth. If you feel like perusing the event’s themed decals or quest details you can do so here.

Image Source: GungHo Online Entertainment

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