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English Danganronpa V3 Demo Gets A Full Showcase

Shown earlier this week, Dangangronpa V3: Killing Harmony English demo footage was uploaded by IGN in full (links at the bottom of the article). GameReactor also uploaded a 30 minute video of the DRV3 demo but skipped through a significant portion of the text which, in a text heavy game, is unfortunate to say the least. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is the third mainline game in the Danganronpa franchise, a murder mystery text based adventure series. Each Danganronpa game has the same basic premise: a select number of high school students are isolated in an area until they not only kill another student, but get away with it as well.

The lengthier upload has a run-time of roughly 100 minutes, and includes a unique demo scenario that follows the typical structure of a Danganronpa chapter, shortened of course for demonstration purposes. The demo specifically shows: daily life (exploring the area and interacting with your fellow captive classmates), deadly life (investigating a murder by another student), and the class trial (presenting evidence and arguing with others as to the identity of the culprit). Arguably the most important segment of the game, the class trial sequence of the demo tactically lacks both a proper ending segment and a couple of notable features – features that will, however, likely be present in the full game. The DRV3 demo impressively includes English voice-over work on par with the game’s original audio (Japanese dub included), semi-voiced segments outside of the class trials, and a fully voice-acted class trial.

Note that thumbnail spoilers are present when watching the demo in its entirety here on IGN’s YT channel. Alternatively, you can view it on the IGN site using their own video player. For comparison purposes, you can view the aforementioned GameReactor demo footage here.

Image Source: Spike Chunsoft

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