Etrian Odyssey V Launch Edition Announced

Fans of the Etrian Odyssey series don’t have much longer to wait, as the fifth entry in the long-running series is releasing this fall on Nintendo 3DS. Today Atlus announced that the game will be receiving a limited-time launch edition for those that pick the game up during its original print run. Similar to launch editions for Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan and both Untold titles, Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth will launch with a collectable outer box that contains the game, a 24-page artbook, and a 6-track CD.

The Etrian series has long enjoyed cult-status since its debut on the original Nintendo DS. Beyond the Myth released in Japan back in August 2016, leading many fans to worry about the game’s chances of localization thanks to the radio silence of Atlus. Thankfully those worries were alleviated when the title was confirmed for a North American release at this year’s E3. Another Etrian game, Mystery Dungeon 2, will be released in Japan at the end of August. No word have been given as to whether or not that game will hit western shores.

Pre-orders for the launch edition are now open at most retailers. We’ll keep you updated when the game gets a final release date, but in the meantime you can satisfy your dungeon crawling needs by watching a new trailer showcasing the Dragoon class below.

Image Source: Atlus USA

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